General Maintenance

Property Maintenance in Auckland

Painting is our core speciality, but it is common for a project to have other tasks that are connected to the painting job. For example, the plastering on a wall might need to be repaired before the whole room can be painted, or a new door might need hung. Over the years, our dedicated and hardworking team has acquired a range of property maintenance skills and now has experience delivering these services to our clients.

It’s a simple concept – whatever property maintenance or improvement services you need in your business or home, come to us and we’ll get it done. You will get the consistently high standards you have come to expect from Unique Group, as well as complete reliability. Find out more today.

Benefits of Our General Maintenance Services

  • Save time – to complete all your outstanding property maintenance jobs, you may need multiple tradesmen/contractors. This takes time to source and manage. Instead, come to us and we’ll handle it all. We offer hassle-free property maintenance.
  • Get jobs done more efficiently – the tradesmen on our team will work together efficiently to ensure your project gets done on time.

How It Works

For many of the small tasks you need, our internal team will have the skills and experience. For tasks that require specialist skills, we will bring in an external tradesman or contractor. We handle this process in full, plus we only use tradesmen and contractors in our vetted and trusted network. This ensures quality of workmanship.

To find out more about our property maintenance services and to get a free quote, please contact us today by emailing