Small Building Projects

Building Services for Small Projects

It can be a hassle getting tradesmen to complete small building projects in your home. We have made this easier as we offer a range of building services focused on projects that are important, but small. Many of our customers use these building services when getting other work done in their home or business. In other words, instead of getting multiple tradesmen, they get us to do it all.

This is a much more efficient and hassle-free way of completing a job. This is because you’ll have one point of contact – Unique Group – and we will handle the rest. To find out more, please contact us today.

What We Do

Our team is mostly made up of painters, but we also have a carpenter who is capable of completing a range of small building projects, particularly those connected to our painting services. Examples include hanging a door or replacing a partition wall.

We can also help with larger building tasks as we have a network of tradesmen in Auckland we can call on. We have worked with these tradesmen over many years and trust the workmanship they deliver. In every project, we guarantee the quality of our work.

Advantages of Choosing Us

  • Benefit from the Unique Group’s high standards
  • Save time by using a contractor you know you can rely on
  • Get the whole project completed more efficiently by dealing with one company
  • Get an affordable price

To see how competitive our prices are, please email us at to get a free, no-obligation quote.